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Libyan Elite Technical solutions

About Us

Libyan Elite Technical solutions Company is one of the leading companies in Libyan located in Benghazi city. It was established in 2011. The Libyan Elite Company works to support and harness its services in the field of information technology to serve its valued customers from the public and private sectors and to contribute to the development and development of the business to keep abreast of the latest technological developments. Information systems and networks specialized in software solutions.

Our Goals

To be the leading IT company providing quality services to our customers in Libya.

To work with the principle of strategic partnership with customers and suppliers to provide quality products and services that meet their requirements through the optimal recruitment of human resources capabilities and capabilities and using the best tools and technical solutions.

Our vision

To be the leading IT company providing quality services to our customers in Libya.

Working with the principle of strategic partnership with customers and suppliers to provide quality products and services that meet their requirements through optimal recruitment of human resource capabilities  and using the best tools and technical solutions.

Our Services


Advanced Networking

Libyan elite’s Advanced Networking Solutions ensure that clients have all the capacity they need to meet their bandwidth demands. Libyan elite’s Managed Connectivity Solutions provide highly redundant, scalable and burstable internet bandwidth. With these solutions, clients no longer need to invest on expensive next generation converged networks that are complex to manage.

Advanced NOC Monitoring

Libyan elite’s Advanced NOC Monitoring Solutions keep your business healthy by monitoring applications across physical and virtual environments. It provides insights into transaction, for quick resolution of application issues, and helps reduce costs by giving you a common tool for pre-production and production. It also improves application performance by monitoring end-user experience and aligning IT performance with business goals. Detailed diagnostics and real-time topology-based analytics improve application quality.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Libyan elite’s comprehensive portfolio of IT services combined with its Data Centres enables our clients to ensure the continuation of business operations in the event of a catastrophic incident. Libyan elite recognises that business continuity goes beyond the IT infrastructure.

Libyan elite works with our clients to provide an integrated approach to business continuity planning and testing. Clients can protect themselves against unplanned outages and increase the predictability of their recovery from the effects of natural or man-made disasters. Libyan elite’s security, performance and availability commitments compel clients to outsource the risks to Libyan elite.


Libyan elite’s Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Internet provides a comprehensive platform that can scale to meet business needs while simplifying how teams find and share information. It provides a full set of tools that can be used to create any kind of site on a single infrastructure that simplifies site management.

Clients can also customize these capabilities to address specific business needs and integrate them with other products and solutions. Using Libyan elite’s Business Collaboration Platform, companies can deploy solutions both inside the enterprise (Intranets) and outside the Enterprise (Extranets) so employees, clients and business partners can work with the platform.

Content Management

Libyan elite’s Content Document Management Solution enables organisations to effectively and efficiently capture, secure, share, and distribute digital and paper-based documents and reports. It will enable you to reduce cost and improve operational efficiencies by streamlining collaboration, automating routine tasks, and lowering costs related to the creation, management, and storage of business documents. In addition, the solution provides the governance and auditing capabilities needed to minimize the risks and costs associated with regulatory and legal compliance.

Enterprise Computing

Libyan elite’s Enterprise Computing Solutions can help your company improve reliability, reduce cost and keep pace with the demands on your enterprise applications. Libyan elite enables you to focus more on your core business by freeing you from the complexities of managing your IT computing environment.

IT Infrastructure

Libyan elite’s IT Infrastructure Solutions are flexible and cost-effective. It aims to replace or extend the client infrastructure without upfront investment (CAPEX). Libyan elite’s Clients can take advantage of Libyan elite’s state-of-the-art technology, managed by industry-leading experts to support the delivery of their business applications. Libyan elite’s Infrastructure Solutions will enable clients to focus on their core business and to stay closer to their clients while the infrastructure is handled by Libyan elite.

Managed Applications

Libyan elite provides a managed infrastructure for Microsoft Exchange solutions that are deployed within Libyan elite’s M-VAULT Data Centres. Our solution enables our clients to maintain administrative control over users, data, objects and resources whilst leveraging Libyan elite to maintain the required levels of security, availability and scalability across the network, security, storage, server hardware and application layers.

As a hosted service, the Libyan elite Managed Exchange Services are fully supported by highly-trained Libyan elite professionals. Our designs are based on vendor standards on security, availability and scalability to ensure high performance on-demand service.

Managed Data Storage & Backup as a Service

Libyan elite’s Storage and Data Protection Solutions are built on the framework of managed services. Storage is one of the core components required to operate an enterprise-class computing solution. Libyan elite’s managed storage area networks (SAN) offer our clients a high performing, highly available storage environment for their mission-critical data. When combined with our back up services clients can have peace of mind that their data is secure and protected against loss.

Managed Operating Systems

Libyan elite’s Managed Operating System Services provide installation, management and support. The service includes on-going patch management and maintenance to ensure the availability, integrity and security of the operating systems to enable our clients to run their business-critical applications.

Managed Security

Libyan elite’s Security Solutions offer industry-leading services, best of breed technology and standards-compliant best practices to protect clients against unauthorised access and malicious attacks. Our infrastructure gives us the ability to provide a secured network environment customised to meet the needs of each client.

Unified Communications

Libyan elite’s IP Telephony Communication Solutions provide an integrated communications strategy and architecture that deliver secure combination of voice, video, data, and mobility applications within an integrated and intelligent network. The Service supports the employees’ ability to collaborate every time and everywhere.

Internet Service Provider

Are you tired of slow internet speeds and unreliable connections? We understand your frustration, which is why we offer a reliable, high-speed internet service provider for residential customers. Our solution offers lightning-fast speeds and reliable connections that won’t slow down or disconnect even during peak usage times. With our competitive pricing and customer support, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best internet service available. Hundreds of satisfied customers have already made the switch to our ISP and are enjoying faster speeds, better reliability.