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Technical solutions

We work hard to ensure your success by providing you with the right solutions in terms of performance and overall benefits, as well as our partners’ assessment of their IT experience.

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Protection & security

The protection of information and networks has become a major challenge to enterprises and companies, fortunately the Libyan elite can help to provide protection and security of information .

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Technical support

When you choose our company you have acquired a strategic partner that provides the right tools and support services to meet your needs, along with commitment to providing the best customer experience.

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Hosting Service

We provide a strong hosting fit the purpose of your site and we have servers with high efficiency bear the highest pressure on sites in terms of the number of visitors and the size of files.

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The Company is Characterized in Several Different Technical Fields.

The good impression that others leave for the first time, can not be repeated, and will not pass a second chance to work.

Libyan Elite Technical Solutions

Website programming

We always seek to bring out the best sites in line with modern technology and ease of management, control and customer satisfaction.

Mobile App Programming

The Libyan Elite Company provides design and programming services for mobile applications on all known systems such as Google Android and Apple IOS.

Software development

We have a team of certified engineers with knowledge and experience in many areas of business and software technology, and a track record of successful projects at the level of major institutions

Technical Consulting

We always hope to be the selected consultants, and to be success partners for our clients and investors.

Design and Graphics

The Libyan Elite Company has professional designers in the field of graphic design and printing of all kinds. And innovate everything that is new.


In the present era, e-commerce is a feature of the times, the Libyan Elite Company offers e-commerce services with high professionalism, competitive prices and real targeting for your customers

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          How Do We Work?


Technical Solutions

Our strategy and approach adapts to the goals and requirements of your business, to get Inclusive technical solutions that fit your schedule and budget, we do the hard work so you do not have to.


Professional Services

From consultancy, design, installation, training and maintenance, we work to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. You can rely on us to be with you every step of the way.


Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions help you manage information at various stages, improve productivity and reduce the costs of increasing volumes of paper content.


After-sales service

We believe in the importance of the role of after sales services in maintaining customer satisfaction. We provide a comprehensive range of after sales services and annual maintenance contracts that meet and exceed customer expectations.

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The Libyan Elite Company offers several owned companies, including

Server Libya is a company specialized in hosting the websites

The Libyan Elite Company offers a customer service center